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What kind of health plan is right for you?

Individual and family health insurance plans help with preventative health services and emergency medical bills. Depending on your health plan, you may save money on doctor’s visits, prescriptions drugs, preventative care and other healthcare services. 

Affordable Care Act Plans: Generally, if you’re not part of a group health plan (e.g. Employer health plan), you’ll have to shop for an individual or family health insurance plan. If you qualify for an ACA plan, you may choose to enroll through either the federal marketplace, or your state’s marketplace. Experienced licensed health insurance agents and brokers can also help you choose one of these plans, and help you determine if you are qualify and eligible for additional premium tax credits to help with the cost of coverage.

As you shop for for health insurance, there are different types of health insurance and indemnity plans that serve different people at different times. Some of these plans detailed below cover a limited set of healthcare services and may not cover you in a myriad of scenarios. 

Short-Term Health Plans: Those who are unable to enroll in Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan or simply can’t afford the ACA premiums may consider short-term health plans. Short-term health plans typically provides less coverage than qualified ACA plans. However, short-term plans may accept enrollees at any time and can help offset medical bills if you have a medical emergency unrelated to a pre-existing condition. Short-term plans do not meet the requirements of the ACA and COBRA and may not cover all of your medical needs. You want to review the short-term plan details carefully before applying and purchasing. A licensed agent can help you understand short-term plans better.

Medical Indemnity Plans: Commonly known as fee-for-service plans, medical indemnity health insurance plans are supplemental plans that pay a fixed amount for services. For illustration purposes only, an indemnity play may have a $75 per doctor’s office visit. In this example, the plan would pay you $75, regardless of the doctor’s bill for that actual visit. For this reason, Indemnity plans are not right for everyone, but for many, indemnity plans are often the most prudent option to many people trying to make medical expenses cheaper. Examples of indemnity plans include: Hospital Expense CoverageHospital Confinement CoverageAccident Coverage, and Critical Illness Coverage (e.g. Cancer Insurance).

Medical indemnity plans can lower out-of-pocket medical expenses like copays and coinsurance when combined with other health insurance plans. Medical indemnity plan may serve as your only health coverage (not ideal), or as a supplement to a separate health insurance package. Indemnity plans generally decline applicants with certain pre-existing health conditions, and may have limits to the benefit (lifetime, annual, per-incident). A licensed agent can help you understand the ins-and-outs of indemnity plans.

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Vision Plans

Dental Plans

Eliminate the Guesswork

Compare different plans available in your area.

Make sure you understand all costs, including premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

Make sure you have all the coverage you may need and can afford.

Don’t be afraid to ask agents questions. and make notes.

Be truthful about your needs, budget, and any pre-existing conditions, existing coverage, etc.

Helpful questions to ask a health insurance agent when reviewing a plan

When you call, we’ll connect you with a licensed health insurance agent who’ll review your healthcare needs, budget, and eligibility for available plans in your area. As you compare different health plans here are simple questions you can ask the agent to help you discuss and understand your coverage options.

1. Ask for the agents full name, their company, and the best number to call them back at directly in case you get disconnect.

2. How much do I have to pay out-of-pocket annually for medical care?

3. Is there a co-pay for doctor visits? If so, what is it? Is there a separate co-pay for specialists?

4. Is this a managed care plan or an indemnity plan?

5. Does the plan cover pre-existing conditions? 

6. What pre-existing conditions are excluded?

7. Does this plan include dental, vision care, and other special services?

8. Will my specific doctors, hospitals and pharmacies be covered?

9. Are preventative or routine exams covered?

10. Does the plan cover pre-existing conditions? If not, what’s excluded?

Comparison Tips from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Whether you’re shopping to find health insurance coverage online, reviewing plans with an agent on the phone, text, or email, there are several important tips you should follow.

Take your time, ask questions, and take notes. Don’t make a decision or buy a health policy after a single phone call or website visit. There’s no such thing as a limited time offer or a “special” in health insurance.

Never give any personal information such as your social security, bank account or credit card numbers until you decide what health plan to buy. You don’t need to give this information to get a quote. Avoid any websites that require you to create an account before you can see any information about health insurance plans.

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